Benefits of Telehealth

Written By: Kristen Brown, LCSW

About eight months ago, following a move out of state, I transitioned to the practice of providing service remotely. Although I had received training in how to provide online therapy before making this change, I still had some lingering questions…. How would the therapeutic activities we would have done in the office be possible from such a distance? Would I be able to attune to my clients’ feelings in the same way through a computer screen? Would therapy be continuously disrupted due to technology glitches? I am pleased to report that what I discovered was a great many benefits to tele-therapy.

Online counseling:

· Enables individuals and families receiving services to continue with a trusted provider.

· It can afford greater privacy (no more wondering who you may bump into in the waiting room).

· It reduces barriers created by snow, ice, construction, rush hour, illness.

· It allows the comfort of your own space and the control to set that up for yourself before a session.

· It allows for flexibility.

As to the concerns I had when beginning, I discovered that not all the therapeutic activities that I might have completed in the office worked the same online but that with some adaptations and creativity they became just as, if not more, effective. Wondering if I would be able to accurately attune to emotions led to productive discussions regarding sharing and openness during therapy. And finally, thankfully, there have been few technology glitches and when they occurred they were easily and quickly fixed with no disruption to our session.

I encourage you, particularly during this time of social distancing, to connect with or remain connected to a provider though tele-health services. We are here to help.